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Jamaica is a land of many contrasts; majestic rain forests, spectacular mountain vistas, scenic waterfalls, rivers teaming with giant tarpon, snook and crocodiles.

Unfortunately, most people who come to Jamaica never even hear about these wonders of nature. They take the advice of some large tour company representative and go to climb Dunn's River Falls...with thousands of others.

If you are possessed of a more adventurous spirit, if you would like to experience the thrill of really knowing Jamaica, its history, its people, its beauty, travel with a small, personalized tour company and expert tour guides.

Whether you desire to spend half a day or a fortnight with us, we can take you to our most exotic and private waterfalls, let you thrill to a ride on the longest zip line in the Caribbean, go hiking for days on end in the midst of spectacular mountain peaks, go sailing for a day, or a week on a 40 foot yacht.....If it is doable in Jamaica, it is doable with Barrett Adventures,

We can orchestrate a holiday for you that will be unique. We can plan a multi-day island tour that will encompass all of the things that interest you most, for no more than you would spend to stay at an all-inclusive.
We are Jamaica Tourist Board Licensed and Approved

Please understand that we offer PRIVATE TOURS that are a very different experience from the mass, herd tours offered by other tour companies. Since we offer a level of personal experience that is unsurpassed, you will find that the pricing may be a little more than the competition, but I can guarantee you will find it worth the small difference in price. All prices are quoted in US dollars.
All tours start and end at your hotel, cruise ship, or villa, wherever that is on the island.

 The following prices are based on 2 or more adults. Group rates (six persons or more) are discounted. Children’s prices pertain to 4-11 years old. 3 and under are free.
We can also offer you a WEB ALBUM of YOU on your tour in Jamaica. $100 for 75+ pictures.

Barrett Adventures have been featured in a post by the UK’s leading flights comparison site, Cheapflights. co.uk. They have picked our tours as a great way to explore Jamaica. “Whether you want to spend an afternoon finding secluded waterfalls, ride the longest zip line in the Caribbean, go hiking for days on end, Barrett Adventures will help you do so. Ranked in the top 10 of 101 Jamaican Tours on TripAdvisor, you can be sure these guys will help you have a unique experience during your trip.”.  If you want to find a great deal on your flights to Jamaica, search and compare the best deals on offer with Cheapflights.

"Barrett Adventures is also highly recommended by http://www.my-island-jamaica.com/ for one of a kind Jamaican adventures"

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