Dunn's & Secret Falls

Description: If you can't come to Jamaica and NOT climb Dunn's Falls, allow me to suggest the best way to do it. There are an average of 3000 people per day on Dunn's, holding hands in long lines who won't let you cut through them at all. We have started taking our guests early, so we arrive at the falls at 8:30AM just as the ticket booth opens.

We run to the bottom and climb the falls taking pictures of us being the only ones on the falls. Then we sit at the top and watch the hoards start to come up after us. At that point, we go off to the Secret Falls which we have all to ourselves for the whole day.

Everyone who has done this tour has been thrilled with the contrast between the two falls, declaring the Secret Falls much better. However, you can't go home and announce that you have just been to Jamaica without everyone asking, "Oh, did you climb Dunn's Falls?" because that is all they know about. If you shake your head and say, "No, I didn't." They will think you had a terrible time in Jamaica unless you explain that you found other, more interesting things to do.

They won't believe you..... So, if you want to avoid all that, climb Dunn's Falls our way. You will be glad that you did.

2-3 persons, $120 per person

4-5 persons, $100 per person
6 or more persons, $80 per person
Child, $80
If you also want to do the tubing with both falls, you can choose
the payment
option for Combo with Tubing on the second payment button.