Our Company

Our mission in life is to show our guests how magical and fun Jamaica can be if you get off the beaten path. Jamaica is a wonderland that will leave you gasping at it's beauty and it's friendly people. Not at all what you have been led to expect.

Barrett Adventures was formed in 1992 when I moved to Jamaica from Antigua. The beauty of this island captured me completely. So I went out and learned the country like the back of my hand, her history, her hidden places as well as all the standard points of fun and interest.

To this day I feel it is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. When you drive to all the different parishes in Jamaica, you realize that there are so many differences in topography and rainfall that each section of the island looks like one of the small eastern islands.The south coast west of Kingston resembles Curacao with cactus and thorn trees, The Blue Mountains look very much like Dominica..... rain forest and precipitous mountain peaks marching off into eternity.... We have beaches to rival Grand Anse beach in Grenada... secret waterfalls, world famous coffee, fine dining, sailing, fishing....in short, it is an amazing island.

Barrett Adventures started in 1992 with one little LADA (a Polish fiat. See photo above). We ran route taxi from Barrett Town to MoBay and back. At night I drove for the Houseboat Restaurant, which was run by my good friend, Timothy Moxon. He didn't mind me prospecting the guests I brought from the hotels for tours, so that gave me a start in the tourist business. Then in about 1996, Jamaica got access to the internet as a country and Barrett Adventures got it's first booking two hours after going online. It has been steadily growing ever since and now we have a whole heap of us working for the company.
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