Multi Day Tours

  Here is the simple solution to seeing Jamaica and getting the true, in depth feel for it's history, culture and friendly people. You can choose to travel by car around the island, or on our yacht, The Lark.

Kate and her brother, Gabe, did a nine day tour. Kate said it was like touring Jamaica with a favourite auntie.

Kim and Larry White Water Rafting on a one week honeymoon

Jamaica is a large country. It's roads are improving tremendously due to a grant from the Inter-American Bank. Because of it's varied terrain and rainfall, spending a week or more traveling around Jamaica is like seeing all of the different small eastern islands of the Caribbean. the Blue Mountains look like Dominica, the Hellshire Hills look like Aruba, the western mountains look like St. Lucia...

Below: Ryan and Allison in Windsor Cave


Each tour is tailored to meet your exact expectations. We plan it with a lot of feedback from you by combining your needs for comfort in the places you stay and your desire to experience different points of interest and activities around the island. Then we figure out an itinerary and a price. If you have a particular interest in birding, scuba diving, hiking, waterfalls or any other passion, let us know.

For a holiday you will remember fondly forever...


Allison and Ryan at Long Bay        Portland.

Ryan and Allison at Reich Falls.

 The pictures of Ryan and Allison are from their 12 day honeymoon. They saw most of Jamaica and learned a good deal about our history and culture as well as experiencing a lot of breathtaking FUN along the way

Below: Cascade Waterfall, near Old Tavern Estate

Price Quotes upon Request

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Below: The Gieles Family on a mini two day tour to Old Tavern Estate in the Blue Mountains, Port Royal, Kingston and Spanish Town. This is the estate's private waterfall

Below: The cannon is at Fort Charles in Port Royal. The very fort portrayed in Pirates of the Caribbean!

It is the only remaining fort after the massive earthquake of 1692. See the museum and hear the stories of the Pirate history of Jamaica

Above and Below: The Giddy House was knocked over by the earthquake of 1907. It is impossible to walk through the house without giggling.

Left: The Giddy House is really at a cockeyed angle

: Originally the Parliament Building in the late 1600's, now the Parish Council Building.


: We ended the Gieles tour at Treasure Beach. This is sunset at Jack Spratt's Beach Restaurant

For Information and Reservations Contact Us:
 876 382 6384