Old Spanish Fort

Moonlight filters through the forest canopy on an Old Spanish Fort. Guests sleep peacefully in the restored tower room, or in what must have been the barracks for the soldiers 400 years ago.

Meanwhile, one of the resident ghosts, a young woman in ancient Spanish costume, flits from a front room to the courtyard, possibly looking for the feisty pirate who swash buckles through the fort searching for a fight. Another mantilla-clad noblewoman looks hopefully out to sea for the returning lover who has left her here for safekeeping.

Even the duppies (ghosts) are peaceful here.
There is a peninsula that juts out from the north coast of Jamaica, that is lost in time. About five miles north, the paved road peters out and you kind of trip over STRAWBERRY FIELDS. This is not a place for spoiled honeymooners. This is where you bring your bug spray and your hiking boots, snorkeling equipment and a desire to really know what Jamaica has to offer

The piece de resistance here is a Spanish fort, built before the English took over in 1655.
Brigitta Fuchslocher… Has turned the old fort into the most charming guesthouse imaginable.

Above and Left: The Tower Room is everyone's favourite. It has a thatched roof and mosquito netting.
The toilet is up four steps and has a magnificent view of the rain forest all around. The shower boasts marginally cool water, but the view of the stars is breathtaking. It is one of the most romantic spots on earth

Play on a long, clear, BLACK sand beach with blue shadowed mountains in the background. Hike to waterfalls or along the shore to Port Maria. Plenty of activity at Strawberry Fields

Rates: $70 per person plus 5% service charge, including breakfast and dinner

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