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    Moon Hill, Kingston

    Moon Hill is not your common, everyday sort of place to stay in Kingston. It is a hidden jewel on an old estate, perched high above the madness of the city, but close to all the best parts of New Kingston.

    The Pool House is a cozy studio right on the pool deck.

    You will find it magical to watch the city lights below you from the vantage point of the pool deck. There is no better way to view Kingston.

    You can even turn on the pool lights from your cottage and have a midnight swim.

    Moon Hill has become my new, favourite place to stay in Kingston.

    | USD 125 per person

    POOL HOUSE | USD 85 per person
    *add USD 50 per guest after first 2 up to 4 max

    BLUE ROOM | USD 80 per person

    YELLOW ROOM | USD 75 per person

    GREEN ROOM | USD 75 per person*
    *add USD 15 for air conditioning

    *maximum 12 guests

    All rates include bed & breakfast

    The master suite has it own balcony for enjoying the view of Kingston

    Contact us for more information and reservations at: