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    Mikuzi, Winifred Beach

    Just at the top of the road down to Winifred Beach in Portland sits a classic Jamaican Yaaaard!

    Two cottages and tropical blooms galore adorn the yard. There are neighbours up and down the road and a feeling of tranquility and ease will make your stay here a wonderful change from your at home routine. Laze in the yard, eat jerk from the original Boston Jerk Centre where it was invented by the buccaneers 350 years ago. It is still the very best on the island and it is within walking distance.


    Above: The two bedroom house has two roomy bedrooms and a full kitchen, bathroom and living room

    Right: The small house is just one room with sitting area, kitchenette, bath and bed. Simple, but cute

    For the rest of the day wander down to Winifred Beach. This is my personal favourite beach on the whole island. Meet Painter and Cynthia at their restaurant on the seaside and eat great fresh caught fish, broiled and spiced to perfection. Buy jewelry from Leroy and meet a host of friendly characters of the unspoiled Jamaican variety.

    There are three cottages on the property . They are priced from super cheap to very reasonable

    Above: CLUB PARADISE with Robin Williams and Jimmy Cliff was filmed here at Winifred Beach. The beach still remains as beautiful as it was in the film

    Right: Second Bedroom in the main house

    The Master Bedroom in the main house has a double bed.

    The Cottage is sparkling clean and brightly decorated. The Living Room has a couch and a cosy basket chair for lounging. There is a full kitchen and a dining table, too

    Enjoy all of the incredibly unspoiled attractions in the area. This is Reach Falls

    Rates are from $50-120 per night

    Contact us for more information and reservations at: