Ital Rest, Treasure Beach

A good part of the charm of Ital Rest is in getting to know Jeanne and Frankie Genus and the rest of the Genus clan.

In addition to the relaxed and homey atmosphere of ITAL REST itself, there are a variety of services available; massages by Shirley Genus, preparation of local meals by yet another family member and interesting conversation ranging from 17th century pirate lore to current local su-su by all.

Above: Your resident hostess, Jeanne Genus, blending in with the summer blooms of the Royal Poinciana tree

ITAL REST is a little bit removed from the tourist scene downtown, but still accessible to it. This is a more personal and romantic version of Treasure Beach . Great Bay captures the essence of Jamaica as it was years ago, rustic, but comfortable, laid back but cosmopolitan, quiet, but as lively as you want it to be.

Above: One of two duplex cottages on the property. Notice the communal kitchen to the left of the cottage.

Left: Large and shady balconies grace both the front and back of the cottage. This one is looking out toward the untamed south coast beach that borders the property

The unmitigated joy of getting away from it all is enhanced by the sweet oil lamps

that light your cottage by night. They have "Home Sweet Home" etched on their lamp shades. They provide plenty of light to wile away an evening reading a good book, but they serve as a reminder that the world once marched to a simpler and gentler tune.

Come try it for yourself and you will agree

Above: Queen sized bed with mosquito netting. Leave all the windows open and enjoy the night breeze caressing your skin

Left: The property is roomy and peaceful. Plenty of space to feel alone and relaxed. Venture down to your 'private' beach. It is your secret spot because no one else has discovered it yet

The Rate is $65 per night plus 5% service charge.
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876 3864